Clarity Mortgage Solutions | November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

It will be short and sweet this month…things have been a ‘changing here at Clarity, and it is time we filled you in on our progress and growth.

Last month we welcomed the latest addition to our team, David Murray, in the role of Office Manager.  David will shortly commence training for a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (that’s the CeMAP thingy, you see after all our names) as he progresses down the road to mortgage and protection advisor under the expert eyes of Alan Frendo and the team at the Mortgage Support Network.

Once Christmas is over and done (only 30 shopping days to go!) and we move into 2018, Clarity will be starting the hunt for bigger office space to accommodate our growing team.

Exciting times!

Now I’m going to ask you to do something for us (and perhaps yourselves also).  Our monthly newsletter is, as hopefully you are aware, compliance checked by our network – MSN – and it is transmitted to you by a compliant cloud-based app, Mailchimp.

So, you can take comfort that it is and always will be what it purports to be: a monthly newsletter, from us to you.

With that firmly in mind, why not check out the links below:

Note: I have purposefully left the links unedited, so you can examine them first, as indeed we all should these days!

This is our – also compliance checked – website, here you can meet us and put a face to our names.

This is our Facebook page (once again -compliance checked!) where we post interesting tit-bits about the Mortgage and Protection industry every single day.

And finally, back to our website again, here you can read past copies of our monthly newsletters, if you missed them earlier.

At Clarity, we operate in a compliance-driven industry and you know what, we like that!  Our media platforms (newsletter, Facebook, website) reflect our beliefs…transparency, integrity, clarity, simplicity, and efficiency.

One final thought for this month…we are growing, but we will NEVER lose the personal touch.  That’s why our personal mobile numbers and email addresses are plastered all over our website.  You won’t find, an “admin” or “info”@clarity, email address on our website or anywhere else.  We don’t do that.

We do the personal touch…and we always will.



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