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Spring is fast approaching but many of us across the UK may still be spending a lot of time at home. With this in mind, it’s the ideal opportunity to make the most of it. 

A thorough spring clean is what we all need to keep our households in good health in the current climate.

While cleaning is obviously a significant part of your spring clean, this is also a great opportunity to declutter and organise your space too.  

Even if you can’t commit to downsizing your belongings, just rearranging what you already have in your home, from clothing to decor, can make a world of difference. After going through lockdown, decluttering will help you to feel like you’ve not been staring at the same indoor scenery for months on end. 

Spring Clean

Why is it a good time to start spring cleaning?

As lockdown begins to lift and we start to ease into a new ‘normal’, staying healthy and looking after our immune systems should be top of the list.

Regularly cleaning shared surfaces like bathrooms and kitchen counters can help you minimise the spread of viruses and bacteria and promote a healthy immune system. By deep cleaning your spaces for dust, dirt, pet dander and more, you can help your respiratory wellness by preventing common allergy triggers too.

Struggle with motivation?

Starting a deep clean can feel overwhelming, but rest assured you don’t have to clean absolutely everything. Give your home a once over and figure out what needs some intensive attention – pick the most important items. 

Studies have shown that decluttering your spaces can give your mood a major boost and, if this year has left your brain feeling a little scattered, it can also help you to focus.

Here are a few ways you can make spring cleaning more enjoyable:

Spend some time in the garden and clean outside your home to enjoy the sun – With the sun shining for a bit longer every day, think about the outside of your home, can you give it a freshen up? Consider jet washing the patio, cleaning the windows and scrubbing the barbecue, this will prepare your garden for when summer weather makes an appearance!   

Give your wardrobe some TLC – spring clean your wardrobe

Put all items to one side that you haven’t worn for more than a year or that you no longer want to keep. Bag up those that are still in good nick and take them to a charity shop as soon as they reopen.  Place clothes that cannot be given to charity in another bag and consider taking them to a recycling centre.

Reward yourself – If you have put together a list of things you need to do, tick off the list as you go and congratulate yourself for welcoming spring by giving your household the ultimate gift of a spick and span living space – with ample room to hopefully entertain and enjoy the warmer weather!

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